Karma.Partners Reciprocity Branded Social Media Campaigns

Karma.Partner Project using 20-20 Input: Data Feed to Data Mining Technology Platform.

All informational portals in the social media campaign will always be under continual refinement resulting from the adaption to joint venture initiatives, evolving  technology, quality improvement and changes in relevant legislation. Campaign research and  information is dynamic based on data feedback and regional requirements therefor processes will adapt accordingly.

1. VENGE: Victims Enforcement Network Gathering Evidence Network.  Gateway portal to free public safety educational material and campaign targets consisting of volunteer advocates and victims affected by white-collar crimes – www.venge.org , phase 1 is currently online as a gateway portal to the privately funded nonprofit educational services, research, resources for the public, social cuase advocates and partner  awareness describing the social media campaigns and the platforms objectives.

2. CEASE: Citizens Elder Advocate Support Alliance.  Free services and campaigns – cease.online promoted by Facebook, Twitter and Bloggers who gather and post information on actual cases of elder exploitation, negligence and abuse and white-collar professionals and organizations that contribute to this public safety menace

3. DEFALCATION.ORG – www.defalcation.org Educational website on estate planning and guardianship exploitation and how advocates can combat the problem, gather, share research znd evidence using Advocate to Victim (A2V), Attorney (A2A) and Government (A2G) Resources.

4. ELDER ABUSE BLOG – www.elderabuse.site CEASE Blog currently online posts welcome and encouraged. This blog is about elder abuse & exploitation, 20-20 Campaign and Educational Resources.

5. ELDER ABUSE Co. – www.elderabuse.co and curroptionmaps.com 1st GEO data white-collar crime map of US corruption bloggers, Facebook pages/posters, Tweeters, most social media portals and data feed displays.

6. BLOGGER: CEASE & VENGE Estate Planning Corruption Blog CEASE Blog currently online posts welcome and encouraged. This blog is about estate planning attorney tricks and exploitation, 20-20 Resource.

7. Facebook & Twitter cause Pages, Posters and Tweeters: Expanding number of Facebook posters, tweeters, other social media accounts for CEASE Elder abuse and VENGE elder abuse “in tandem” social media campaigns to gather elder exploitation information and perpetrators in 1) North Idaho and Eastern Washington and 2) Nationwide.

8. CEASE and VENGE Reciprocity Branded Algorithm to view evolving campaign platform and search CEASE elder abuse AND VENGE Elder Abuse to join and contribute information, evidence and feedback on all social media websites (approximately 20 social media platforms only 3 currently set up for CEASE and VENGE campaigns: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Social medias sites in next phase will be Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo and Skype.

8. Educational website: www.estatetheft.org  on estate planning and Karma Partner project, 20-20 Resource9. KARMA Partners – using GEO data, Online Map interface & 20-20 Data Feed – Data Mine Information with RSS Feeds. Premier campaign designed for successful advocate programs bloggers and nonprofits with active campaigns in more than 5 states. Marcy’s Law is one example.

9. Midwest-East US affiliate corruption bloggers: Example: https://marygsykes.com/ is a progressive,  courageous blogger exposing corruption and has been fefera ced as  the Most Dangerous Blog in Illinois due to its ability to expose corruption and usher forth the necessary change in the Midwest.

10. Pacific Northwest Regional Focus (then nation wide): estatetheft.org (all aforementioned VENGE and CEASE sites & Blogs). Technically innovative platforms exposing corruption primarily in Idaho and Eastern Washington initially and adding nationwide resources as more advocates are determined. Examples: Washington Area Gold Bar Reporter and Snohomish Reporter are progressive courageous bloggers exposing corruption in their region

12. GEO data Corruption and Map of nations white-collar offenders, Corruption Blogger and main stream news articles on area corruption (first campaign target area to map is elder abuse, probate abuse corrupt attorneys) Directory: map interface available on numerous websites, Facebook pages, Tweets and blogs which will showcase leading regional advocates, Karma.Partners in unison with CEASE & VENGE and the 20-20 Data Gathering Campaigns.

13. 20-20 Data Feed and Data Mine: Articles on area corruption submitted to 20 area media outlets: (main stream & independent blogs, Facebook pages ,  Twitter/top 20 social media portals).

14. Data feed of corruption posts will work in combination with main stream media via comments posts in area newspapers. Posts/tweets will be showcasing the problem inspect region and be GEO tagged and displayed on cloned GEO maps, stored in database on central cloud server with data to be available via online browsers and mobile apps.

15. 20-20 Youth Algorithm Project key targeted data from the next generation and their choice of the  nation’s top 20 social causes., projects started by advocates 20 and under and their top 20 social causes and concerns.  This is Data gathering and network expanding resource. 20-20 Data feed to data mine campaign that after initial phase launce could increase in size to 50-50 Data feed to data mine campaign as phase 2 if necessary or feedback from phase 1 merits.

16. See it, log it, blog it, STOP IT ! campaign Message to existing bloggers, Facebook and Twitter posters to post information on elder exploitation and white collar corruption and to encourage all person to get online and post and information

17. State and Federal Statute code matching cross-referencing regional Attorney’s wayward  ethical or alleged criminal violations blog(s) and post process. This is a posting and blogging technique that will align attorney, politician or professional with the actual violation they committed and hash-tagged on repeating twitter posts and all social media, corruption exposing blogs and in comments section of area newspapers, new stations websites where the violator or violations occurred. This data and feedback will also be available via GEO corruption map, Geo tagging and used in future social media campaigns.